Think, think, think


A cardi for me, not even started yet, but in thinking stage. I’m giving a try to an idea I’ve had for some time. Based on a swatch, it even seems to work. Choosing color is as hard as always – do I like it, do I wear it, I like it, but don’t wear it, does it suit me etc. And when I find a cood one, it’s out of stock. Will keep on searching.


A swatch is drying in the kitchen.


This one is waiting for buttons, I already bought a set, but in a wrong size. It’s going to be a cardi for my son.

5 thoughts on “Think, think, think

  1. villapeikko says:

    Anna :) kampsun tuleb

    Taina, värivalinta on välillä tosi kauhea homma, aina on vähintään viisi parasta vaihtoehtoa, päätä siinä sitten :)

    Lucy, thank you!

    Nina, :) paljon ei ole vielä kerrottavaa, pintaneuleita mietin vasta

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