Apples in sweaters

Apple cozy

I wanted to make someone happy, but didn’t have much time, so after browsing blogs and Ravelry, I found these and after that, these. I had no time to print out patterns, so I made them my own way.

… but I forgot the leaves! I remembered them, when apples were on their way to the recipients. I think though, that maybe they didn’t need the leaves if I didn’t think of them before.
Very nice little project, I really loved making them. Maybe I’ll make some more.

Apple cozy
Apple cozy
Apple cozy

Romantic, lace edging. I used Drops Karisma and Alpaca and US size 6 / 4mm needles.

Apple cozy
Apple cozy
Apple cozy

Gray-red has i-cord edging. Drops Karisma and Titan Wool Winner.

a bunny photo too, he loves Brio wooden railway:

Bunny exploring the living room

18 thoughts on “Apples in sweaters

  1. SatuK says:

    Ihanat omput!

    Mustikkaa on kiva neuloa. Vähän liian kiva, voittaa opinnäytetyön teoriaosuuden väsäämisen mennen tullen.

  2. Tuija says:

    Tosi söpöjä suojuksia ja kauniit muotoilut! Ja pupunen on on myös suloinen, kelpais meilläkin eräälle 10-vuotiaalle tytölle.

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