New ones

That's what happened to the old ones

My doubledouble mittens wore out. I wasn’t surprised, as it was the fourth winter I was wearing them. I was somewhat lazy and had other things to do, so I tried to manage through this winter wearing my other mittens. First I tried basic felted mittens, but my hands were freezing. Then I put on stranded mittens and felted ones. Still no good. Finally I decided it was easier just to make a new pair of doubledoubles. And here they are:

Very warm mittens
Pattern: none
Yarn: Garnstudio Alpaca, double stranded
Needles: 4 & 4,5 mm

This time I used smaller needles for the inner mittens. I didn’t want to sew the mittens together, nor pick up stitches, so I just crocheted them together with white yarn. For the embroidery, I got the inspiration from estonian magazine Käsitöö and also from Mulgi folk costumes. And right after saying to my husband: this other mitten went so quick compared to first, I noticed, that I had made two right hand mittens. The embroidery on the second mitten was on the palm side. So I ripped the embroidery out and remade it. I’m happy now!

Very warm mittens

15 thoughts on “New ones

  1. Heidi says:

    Ihanat lapaset, tosi kaunis kirjailu!
    Mulla taitaa olla kans tämmöset tuplatuplat 'to do' -listalla. Kaksila kirjoneulelapasilla ei ehkä ihan tarkene – jospa nämä lämmittäis enemmän. :o)

  2. Sähis says:

    Kauniit vanttuut! Mulle meinas käydä myös yhtä köpelösti, kun neulahuovutin joululahjatohveleihin kuvioita. Olin jo lahjakkaasti saanut kiinnitettyä kuviot osin kun huomasin, että nehän on molemmat samalla puolella tossua! Onneksi sain vielä revittyä kuviot irti. =)

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