23 thoughts on “Red

  1. villapeikko says:

    Kiitos :) Toivon, että intoa riittää vielä toiseenkin huiviin, jotta senkin neulominen olisi hauskaa.

    Anna, aitäh! Sul on täitsa õigus!

    fridica, I have the same problem with dark yarns, so the black scarf will be daytime-only knitting :)

    Virginia, thanks! The green yarn was splitty and I had hard time focusing both at the pattern and making sure, that the yarn stays together.

  2. fridica says:

    Well it seems that switching didn't slow you down at all! Great work!
    Your mom's choice of color reminded me of the eternal “problem” I have with requests by other people – they always choose dark colors. And I personally don't like working with them, they're just a pain on the eyes, especially if you're knitting at night by artificial lighting, which I usually do… But for our loved ones, it's worth it :)

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