a swatch

Here’s a photo of the swatch I promised, it’s knit using the i-cord yarn I wrote about. Love it.

I made a list today, of all the knits this family needs for fall/winter. It’s not a long list, but I noticed that I have wrong kind of mittens. If I intend to use camera and touch screen outside, I have to make a couple of flip-top mittens for myself. Or I’ll have frozen fingers.
I have 10 hats, so hats are not the problem this year. My little one needs a hat though, his Thorpe is now too small and he needs a new one.

138/365 Sunflower and a little ladybug

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  1. morso says:

    Neule näyttää ihanan kuohkealta ja pehmeältä! Leppis on kans suloinen. Aurinkgonkukkapelölossa oli vielä kukkia, koitan hakea viikonlopuksi, jos ovat vielä hengissä. Viime yö taisi olla kylmä.

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