Getting there

Big & Blue almost finished

I’ve been knitting a big blue cardigan for myself since last monday. It’s going to be long and probably also very warm. Yarn comes from a finnish mill. The knitting is now almost done and I’m glad it is because the cardi was getting way too big to fit my lap.
It’s knit from top down, without much planning, very relaxing. Hope to show more soon!

9 thoughts on “Getting there

  1. villapeikko says:

    Kiitos, tänan, thank you! :)
    I finished knitting last night and I'll wash the cardi today, hoping it doesn't stretch out or anything.

    eve, tore et oli abi! Arvan et valik on väga hea.

  2. eve says:

    Võin vaimusilmas ettekujutada, kui mõnus sellest tuleb! Ps. ostsin mütsi jaoks *Drops Merino Extra Fine superwash* lõnga, loodan, et väga mööda ei pannud.. :) Igatahes suur tänu hea nõu eest, tänu sellele teadsin, mida otsida :)

  3. Virginia says:

    I'm somewhat in awe that you can knit this intricate cabled sweater “without much planning”

    I would be freaking out.

    It looks really gorgeous!

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