Hello! I guess it’s time to relax and enjoy, at least for a while. Yesterday we sent all materials for our book to the publisher and we feel very good about the coming book. The project started over a year ago but the busiest time was last week. I can honestly say that I sat in front of the computer almost all day, every day. I took the dog out and went to the grocery store every now and then, but otherwise it was concentrating, calculating, reading, transferring files etc. The work continues, we’ll be making the English version as an ebook also but it’s a lot easier now.


I casted on for a new sweater today. The same sweater is going to be in the book also, but I wanted to try a whole different yarn also to see if it works. I think it will.
I also have beuatiful Estonian wool which is going to be a cardigan, I think I’ll cast on for that very soon also. It’s really nice to be knitting again!

After the rain

12 thoughts on “Smile

  1. Strikkesinen says:

    I found your blog surfin on the internet looking for a dictionary where i could translate from finish to danish, did not succeed i am afraid,

    Maybe you migt be abel to help me? I have found the most cute and lovely recepi on a baby set, free to download, but it is in your language. I have tried to translate using google translate (some very funny translations came), and tried Drops Designs glossary, but i still cannot find any meaningful translations.

    Do you now if there are ane glossary where finish is tranlated to english, it might help

    You are most welcom to visit my blog

    Yours sincerely

  2. Chris says:

    Yay! Congratulations on finishing. I'm so looking forward to seeing it! I hope you find some time to relax now and enjoy all you've done.

  3. villapeikko says:

    Ingi, voi kiitos, oli niin kauniisti sanottu :) jatkan toki, ilman en osaisi olla.

    Tanja, kiitos :) olen itsekin vähän yllättynyt, luulin ettei urakan jälkeen enää huvittaisi vähän aikaa neuloa mutta kävikin päinvastoin. Oli melkein pakko napata puikot ja lanka ja aloittaa.

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