Playground knits – Leikkipuistoneuleet

all used up.

Besides the book making, I’ve been involved in another project with 4 other knitters: Veera, Mari, Tuulia and of course Tiina who has already wrote about this in her blog (only in Finnish). We’ve made a collection of handknits for children and It’s called Playgound knits. It will be published as an ebook this summer, pretty soon I think.
I have only one design in it because the book project and family life have filled my days 100 % and I decided for once, to be wise and not to turn myself into a zombie who has too much work and no sleep :) I almost succeeded.

4 thoughts on “Playground knits – Leikkipuistoneuleet

  1. Liina says:

    Voi, miten ihana neulekirjasyksy tulossa! Lasten neulekirja kuulostaa hyvältäja tarpeelliselta. Saako näitä kirjoja jo varata? :)

  2. Chris says:

    That sounds wonderful!! Will it be in Finnish? English? I should just learn Finnish so it doesn't matter. :)

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