Bambeanies Blog Tour


Thank you Woolly, for inviting me to join this blog tour!
I received Woolly Wormhead’s new book Bambeanies a couple of weeks ago and in the very same evening, I casted on for the first hat from this book. Can’t get better than that! I love the concept of Bambeanies – 20 beautiful hats with interesting details and clever construction. I also love the fact that there are hats for both boys and girls and also many hats that suit for both. And that’s not all, most of the patterns are also sized for adults! For example, I could easily imagine knitting myself Damsel and Queenie.


Nupkin, photo © Woolly Wormhead

This book also includes an excellent Techniques & Tips-chapter which explaines all the more unusual techniques used for these hats. You don’t have to be a knitting expert to start working on these projects. Just choose your favorite hat, take yarn and needles and you’ll have all the information you need to create a beaufiful garment.
Besides techniques, there are also detailed instructions about how to measure the head circumference and which size to knit depending on this measurement.
Finding a substitute yarn can sometimes be tricky. I was glad to notice that this issue was also covered in this book by explaining gauge and one other important thing – how different fibres behave. Very useful!

Guynn, photo © Woolly Wormhead

The patterns are clear and well written. There are also helpful schematics for understanding more unusual constructions.
I made Tricable and I absolutely loved it. I had the same yarn in my stash that the pattern called for, even in the same colorway. The reaction of my little son, when trying on the hat for the first time, was priceless. He was happily jumping up and down and had to show his new hat to his sisters right away. I believe this hat will have a lot of wear this autumn.


Tipper, photo © Woolly Wormhead

You can buy your own copy of Bambeanies here!
The next stop on the Bambeanies blog tour is at the lovely blog of knitwear designer Kate Oates, on 27th september.

And here are some photos of the Tricable hat that I made for my little son:



8 thoughts on “Bambeanies Blog Tour

  1. villapeikko says:

    riotyarn, thanks for your comment! I totally recommend this book!

    Kiitos kaikille, kirja on todellakin hauska ja välillä onkin mukavaa neuloa vähän nopeampia juttuja :)

  2. Eeva says:

    Onpas todella hauskoja ideoita, pitääpä tutkailla kirjaa. Noita nappeja olen itsekin haaveillut pipon koristeeksi, mutta en ole vielä toimeentunut!

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