Mai & Juuli: design process


Mai & Juuli,
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I like cardigans a lot because they are comfortable and practical. Mai and Juuli were my attempt to create a practical, yet beautiful garment that’s both fun to knit and still wearable. The adult and child versions look very similar and they use the same charts, but they are still different in many ways. Mai (the child’s cardi) is worked in thinner yarn, has a hood and no waist shaping. Juuli again is worked in a bulky-weight yarn, has waist shaping and also a ribbed collar instead of a hood.

At the beginning there was only Mai. The sketch and swatches, presented in our work blog in April 2010, looked like this:

Mai & Juuli sketch

I loved the look of the cardigan and wanted one for myself, so the idea of making an adult version, was born. I chose to use a thicker yarn to make the leaf motifs really pop. In a search for a perfect yarn I finally found both yarns from the same company, Cascade. Very convenient.


Cascade Cash Vero is soft, so soft and comes in tons of colors. It has a very nice stitch definition and the garment pills surprisingly little, even when getting a lot of wear. Definitely not itchy too.


Cascade 128 superwash became one of my favorites. What I liked the most, was the fact that being a bulky yarn, it wasn’t hard for my hands. I tend to get sore hands when working with bulky yarns, but this one was so lightweight that it was no trouble at all. It’s also very good for cables and makes a nice and even garment. As merino yarns in general, this one too stretches a lot when wet, so please be careful when wetblocking.

Juuli, front

Oh, and the tutorial I once made about closing underarm gaps, it was Juuli that featured in it!

8 thoughts on “Mai & Juuli: design process

  1. helena says:

    Kauniita molemmat! Juuli olis just mulle hyvä, täytyypä painaa mieleen tämäkin:) Neulon juuri nyt kummitytölleni takkia (tosin eri mallia) merinovillasta, pitääpä olla varovainen sen kastelun kanssa…

  2. villapeikko says:

    A-L, kiitos :)

    Sofiah, thank you so much, glad you enjoyed it!

    aurinko ja kuu, kiitos tosi paljon ja tsemppiä neulomiseen! :)

    santra, oih, kiitos!!

  3. aurinko ja kuu says:

    Sulla on niin ihania noi kaikki palmikkokuviot!!! Haaveilen juuri aloittavani isoa villapaitaa muhkeilla monenlaisilla palmikoilla, jotta vihdoin oppisin… katsotaan mitä tulee…

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