Filtering Daylight


Here comes Filtering Daylight, a little shawl with unusual construction. The middle section is worked in the round with the sides and border worked back and forth. Seamlessly of course. Both written and charted instructions are provided. I had so much fun designing it and I hope you’ll enjoy knitting this shawl as well. My lovely test knitters did a great job as usual, thank you Mari, Siina and Marion!
The spring is here, snow is almost gone and days will get longer. Love this time of the year.
Happy knitting!

And here are some photos of Bruno who loves to jump, it’s hilarious to watch.

Bruno jumping high!

Bruno jumping

Bruno between jumps

15 thoughts on “Filtering Daylight

  1. amuk says:

    Mahdoton pomppiva mukula teillä asustelee, varsinainen ilopilleri :) Kiitos ihanasta ohjeesta. langat tilattu tänään , heti kun sain ohjeen käsiini. Ajattelin tällaisen huivin neuloa kummitytölle ylioppilaslahjaksi.

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