Sock yarn love

sock yarn sweater
Pattern: coming
Yarn: Drops Fabel, 200 g
Needles: 4 mm

For some time I’ve been thinking about making a sweater using sock yarn. When sweaters come and go, socks look nice after lots of wear and washings. So I thought: how cool it would be to have a sweater that durable and light. So here it is.

sock yarn sweater, side

I didn’t wetblock this sweater my usual way (soaking it very carefully and laying out to dry), but put it into washing machine and let it do the trick. And it did, the sweater was soft, smooth and wonderful when I took it out of the washer. Happy me! It’s also very light, this one weighs only a little under 200 grams.

sock yarn sweater, sleeve detail
sock yarn sweater, button
sock yarn sweater, sleeves
sock yarn sweater, pocket

88 thoughts on “Sock yarn love

  1. - Virpi - says:

    Tämän neuleen haluaisin neuloa, juuri sellainen mitä olen nyt halunnut neuloa. Kevyt ja naisellinen. Ohjetta odotellessa täytyy löytää muuta tekemistä eikä tuo suomenkielinen ohje olisi ollenkaan huono idea! On vain jotenkin helpompaa neuloa ohjeesta omalla äidinkielellä :) Mukavaa kesän odotusta!

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