Book review: Knits to give / Ihanat Neulelahjat


A couple of weeks ago I got a message from a Finnish publishing company called Tammi. They asked me if I were interested in their new book, “Ihanat Neulelahjat” (“Knits to Give” in English) by Debbie Bliss. Of course I was and a few days later, I had the book in my hands. The first thing I noticed was of course, the lovely smell of a new book. I remember this smell from childhood and it’s one of my favorites. The book itself is a quality one. Beautiful photos, lovely color theme, well arranged. It is divided into 5 sections – For Her, For Him, For Baby, For Kids and For the Home. You can find the book in Ravelry also.


Her garments include a purse, textured bracelets, a lace shawl, a knitted pillbox hat, fingerless mittens and a cabled belt. I like the ordinary, everyday things the most, so my favorites were, of course, the wrist warmers.


Men’s garments include a scarf, fingerless gloves, socks, an iPad cover, a tie and a coat for men’s best friend – his dog. I don’t know if men would wear a knitted tie, but I still think that for a knitted tie, it looks pretty great.


For the baby, there are a lovely blanket, most adorable bunny slippers (I would love them in adult size, too), an overall, a jacket, a sun hat and a very cute knitted zebra. The slippers were the winner for me.


For the older kids, there are also many cute things as a headband, a ladybug backpack, a bolero, the cutest lion scarf, long stripey socks and a cabled vest. I just love the lion scarf, so adorable.


For the home, there are the quite traditional items like a tea cosy, a hot water bottel cover, table mats, a knitted flower pot (with the flower), a pillow and the ones I liked the most – the pencil holder covers. I believe the covers would also make an easy beginner project for a child who’s just learned to knit.

2 thoughts on “Book review: Knits to give / Ihanat Neulelahjat

  1. Suvi says:

    Oli monta kivaa mallia tosiaan. Mietin aluksi että onkohan tämä nyt ihan samanlainen kirja kuin muut aiemmin näkemäni lahjakirjat mutta tämä yllätti positiivisesti. Hieman toivoisin että pullonsuojuksia ja pannumyssyjä ei olisi kun niitä on jo joka puolella mutta ainakin lapsille oli tosi kivoja juttuja.

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