It’s the first day of September already! Summer went by so fast! I have so many things to share, all of them knitting related. The cutest one first – my son asked me to knit him a sweater. How could I say no! I love the fact that he wants to wear something I’ve knitted for him. At first he said it had to be black but today when we actually went to buy the yarn, he quickly changed his mind and wanted at least three different colors. So we decided it was going to be like his Pikkuveli-cardigan but this time without a closure, just pullover. I’ve already knitted most of the first sleeve and love his color choice!

Pikkuveli jumper in the making

The second thing is that I’ve been revising my oldest patterns and updating them. First one was the Gooseberry hat, a free pattern. It now has a new layout and the wording is much better. The second one was Little Black Dog, which also did go through the same improvements. Yesterday I finished updating Baby Cables and Big Ones Too which now has new layout, charts and some little changes in wording. I will continue this work and some oldest free patterns will get their makeover also. Fun work!


Third – Jenni from Villavyyhti-shop has set up a yarn&pattern club and I was asked to be a part of it! Four Finnish dyers and designers will collaborate and everyone who buys the club, will get yarn and pattern for four projects.

6 thoughts on “Updating

  1. Suvi says:

    Kiitos! Näin itsekin uskon ja toivon, taidan vain olla pojan mielestä liian hidas neuloja, aina välillä kyselee josko olisi valmista mutta kun ei ole :)

  2. ArualMaria says:

    Kivalta näyttää tuo lapsen takin aloitus – kyllä varmasti tulee mieluinen, kun sai itse valita värit! :) Ja tuo lankaklubi kuulostaa ihan taivaallisen ihanalta; harmittaa vietävästi, ettei ole rahaa osallistua. <3

  3. Anna says:

    Küll on tore, kui laps tellib kudumeid! Minu tüdruk oli alguses skeptiline, aga viimasel paaril aastal muudkui tellib. Kena, et lõngapood on leiutanud niisuguse asja. Räägin kogu aeg ka Eestis, et teeme midagi taolist, aga ei lähe läbi, ei tea miks.

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