New project and a little tutorial

I promised to tell you more about my new project.

Some time ago I received a few skeins of gorgeous blue Merino DK yarn from Mellifera Yarns (Thank you, Mel!). It’s soft and the color reminds me of jeans. It has this gray undertone that makes it really cool.

I did some swatching and ended up trying a new idea which involves cables. I’m not that far that I could show you anything but it looks promising. The yarn has a beautiful stitch definition.

Since alternating between two skeins every couple of rows is usually recommended with hand dyed yarns, I’ve been constantly searching for a neater way of doing this. My usual way of switching from one skein to another is to do it at the beginning of row (or round) which sometimes looks messy. And then it hit me, I just had to move the switching point a few stitches forward!

I made a little photo tutorial, too. I’m sure many of you knew that tip already but as long as it helps someone, I’m happy. Don’t mind the pins, they were my photography assistants. Although I’m at the beginning of right side row on this photo, most of the photos are taken from the wrong side since it gives you a better idea of what’s happening.






2 thoughts on “New project and a little tutorial

  1. DianeHF says:

    This is brilliant help, thank you Suvi. I’ve been putting off using some handdyed yarns in my stash because of this ‘fear’ ;-) A picture is indeed worth a thousand words!

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