Two shawls

So sorry about my lack of posting lately. I had a project with tight deadline that has now left the country and is at the mercy of the postal service. Let’s hope it gets to its destination soon.

I have something to show you though (actually two things)! Just before my deadline-yarn arrived, I finished a shawl. I really like geometric shawls. I think it has something to do with the style my mom has always used in her work and how it’s influenced my own style when growing up.

Here it is, Filmstrip. Currently being test knitted by a bunch of very talented knitters and soon available in my Ravelry store. The yarn I used is Mrs Crosby Hat Box.


Right after sending off the deadline project I started to plan what to knit next. I had many skeins of yarn waiting for me which is not typical for me at all. I have a tiny stash and a constant problem with having an idea and not enough yarn to execute it. At some point it really started to bother me and I decided to buy yarn for several projects at once. I think the ideal situation would be having yarn for a couple of garments and a couple of accessories. So I bought the yarn and felt good.

I have never made really large shawls before because I thought they would take forever. Now when I look at my project page I realize it only took me a week. I used Shibui Yarns Staccato in three colors. This pattern will be available in April.



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