New design!

Hello all,

Yesterday morning I opened Ravelry and found many comments made on #22 Ballet-neck cardigan. At first I wondered if I ever had a design named like that but then I realized it has to be this one! I didn’t even know it was out already but it sure was a pleasant surprise.

Sometimes in January I got a message from Vogue Knitting, asking if I was interested in designing a garment for their Early Fall issue. What I especially loved was the fact that I got to choose the color for the yarn by myself. I had never used Koigu yarns before but they had been on my wishlist for a long time. Loved the yarn, loved the color.

The cardigan is knitted from top down and the only finishing really is weaving in the yarn ends and sewing on the buttons. The neckline is shaped with short rows and I also added some waist shaping. I love how Rose Callahan has photographed the cardigan, the photos couldn’t be more perfect!

22bVKEF15 22aVKEF15

VOGUE Knitting Early Fall 2015, photos by Rose Callahan

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