Long time no see

My poor blog, all neglected here. Today I decided to write something, even though I can’t promise that I will be doing it regularly. The thing is, I’ve never been that good with words and this blog might turn into a photo blog before you have time to say ”reverse stockinette”. There’s something about photos, it just makes it easier for me to tell stories through them.

A bit about knitting. It’s raining today and I’m sitting at my desk, trying to calculate the neckline stitches for a new sweater, while the neighbour is removing his kitchen cabinets (=noisy). I have two things on my needles right now, one is said sweater and one is a shawl. The sweater is so close to finishing that I really can’t wait to get it wetblocked and dried. It’s worked in Hedgehog Fibres Sock yarn in two colors, grey (with a hint of pink and green in it) and a neon pink. It’s otherwise pretty simple, raglan sleeves and slightly A-line body but there is this special thing about it – the raglan lines. If you have seen my shawl pattern called Blue Hour, you may have noticed the spine of the shawl. I loved it so much that the raglan lines now look like the spine of the shawl.


The shawl is something that I casted on without much planning. I had some white Tukuwool remaining from my Ruska sweater (ravlink) and there’s something about white wool and Haapsalu lace that I just can’t resist. But because my style isn’t romantic at all, I added some garter stitch to the lace, just to make it more ”me”. It’s funny but the more I knit with Tukuwool, the more I like it. It’s just so nice when stitches don’t unravel in a speed of 10 rows per second when you accidentally drop some.


Well, that’s for today then. Wish you all happy knitting and hopefully talk to you soon!

December 22

Today’s calendar surprise is Kaisla, a cozy and beautiful raglan sleeved cardigan with a large, striped Garter stitch collar. The cardi is worked seamlessly from top down. Save 24% with the code knitterscalendar at Ravelry checkout. Happy knitting!


December 19

Today’s calendar surprise is Viljandi! This beautiful shawl is worked from top down, beginning with a Garter tab cast-on. Slip stitch pattern makes a nice texture and ribbed edging adds a comfy look. Save 24% with the code knitterscalendar at Ravelry checkout. Happy knitting!