Little Black Dog

Little Black Dog was in a hurry to get outside and play with his friends. You know one of these moments when friends are waiting and you should be out in a minute, or in fact, you should’ve been outside several minutes ago. Little Black Dog had a mommy dog who was, like all mothers are, careful. No going out with bare feet! Little Black Dog put on his socks and converses, or at least almost all of his socks and converses. Mommy will never notice, he thought.

toy shown measures 8,5″ / 21.5 cm in length and 4″/ 10 cm in height

Use any 4-ply-, sport- or dk-weight yarns you like, gauge isn’t crucial. About 25-35 g of main color and very small amounts of other colors will do. The dog is knitted almost entirely in the round, except for the ears which are worked back and forth in garter stitch.

US 1½ / 2.5 mm

€ 5.20 (pdf download)