Sweaters and Cardigans

Right Direction                                                      Gradient Dip
1098 XT014898

Cactus                                                   Form and Shape
XT011709  DSCF9537
Cloudless                                             Line of Shapes
DSCF9078-cropped  DSCF8845-2
Juniper Berries                                  Inveraray
DSCF6570-2  DSCF4895

Noux                                                      Abelia
DSCF2547  DSCF3223

Laventeli                                              Winterly
IMG30622  IMG17895

Ground Pepper                                  Fresh Start
IMG31609  IMG31998

Perforated Sweater                          Edinburgh Cardigan
img28065  IMG29592

Happy Together                                Travel Light
img27789  img28621

Blue Hour Sweater                           Ruska
img26839  IMG32133

Frozen Silver Sweater                     Dandelion in a Breeze
IMG23420  IMG23420

Purls in a Row                                    Leap Year Cardigan
IMG24491  IMG21279

Keeping Warm                                   Frosty Acorn
IMG18909-2  IMG16722  

Rhilea                                                    Kaisla
IMG16102  IMG13508

Qipican                                                 Lilian
IMG11313  IMG_9593

Low Contrast                                      Schnee
IMG_6140  schnee2

Merike                                                   Lemon Slice
Merike  IMG_3972-2

Fold & Turn                                          Outlined
Fold & Turn  _0028631

Snow in May                                       Reflected Lines
_0027331  reflected2

Light Trails                                           Well Water Hoodie
LT_0023475  ww1

Bright Side Up                                    Button & loop
brightside  button

Daily Vanilla                                        Golden Hour
dailyvanilla  goldenhour

5200K                                                    Baby Cables and Big Ones Too
5200K  babycables